Next Step is made up of four sessions that are held quarterly during the Sunday School hour. Two of the four are required for church membership while the remaining two are q&a and general information. If you are interested in partnering with First Baptist as a faithful member, please contact our administration office or one of our Elders.

  • THE BAPTIST FAITH & MESSAGE, with Dr. Keeney Dickenson

    This session will cover the basic Christian beliefs as found within the Scriptures. First Baptist holds to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message as a Southern Baptist Church. If you would like to get a jump on the class, download 101 & 102.

  • Baptist History, with Anthony Mathis

    This session opens with the reformation and how the Baptist faith grew out of it. We will follow the Baptists from Switzerland to the first Baptist church in Spitalfields England and on to Rhode Island in the New World. Finally, we will close with the sad division of the Baptists due to the Civil War.If you would like to get a jump on the class, download 201 & 202

  • your church, with Greg Kazmierczak & robert Meadows

    This session will cover the local church and how it operates autonomously within the Southern Baptist Convention. You will also discover how this church is serving our communities, locally and internationally. Membership will be covered in detail within this session.

  • Questions and answers, with elders

    The final session is a time for you to interview the leadership and ask questions regarding doctrine, membership, and whatever else comes to mind that wasn't covered in the earlier sessions.