Worship Ministry

What is worship? At FBC Crockett, we believe that worship is a congregational activity. God has created and commanded us to sing His praises and because of what He has done through His Son, Jesus Christ, we should be compelled to do so. As believers, we have no greater privilege than to worship the almighty Triune God.

Join a team

Are you interested in joining the worship ministry? Do you have questions about how you can help? Click one of the tabs below for information.

The Praise Band has weekly rehearsals on Wednesday (7:30pm-8:30pm) and Sunday (8:15am-9:00am). Our church is blessed to have a team that is comprised of acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, keys, and vocalists. Although our members are at different levels of proficiency, it is important to be familiar with chords in different keys and be able to play within a group setting. If you have an interest in joining the praise band or have any questions, please reach out to Hunter (hunter.dickens@firstcrockett.org) to set up a meeting.